6 Power banks to power your Smart devices

With our smartphones getting more powerful processors, and possessing bigger touch enabled displays interfaces, the need for power has increased remarkably. It is a delight to use these devices but no matter how big the battery is, the fear of running out of charge constantly lingers in your mind. This apprehension has been addressed by the invention of power banks which are also known as portable chargers. The portable charger can be used to recharge your mobile phone, MP3, iPad and other digital products. This technology is very useful to those who travel a lot and also for those who are too busy to stick around a place for a few hours and charge their phones. With the need for power increasing day by day, there are so many products to choose from innumerable manufacturers coming in different capacities.

6 Power banks to power your Smart devices

1. EC Technology Power Bank

This power bank comes with a 22400 mAh Lithium ion Battery. Yes, you read it right. It has over 22 Ah charge holding capacity. That is a huge power holding capacity to deal with. It has three USB charging ports (labeled as 2.4A, 2A and 1A) that can be used simultaneously. The 2.4A can be used for Apple iPad, the 2A for Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the 1A for iPhone. This differentiation is made to ensure top speed charging of multiple devices. However, you can charge any compatible smartphone or device with an input voltage of DC 5V using any of the ports.

The manufacturer has made this device using advanced chip and a perfect PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to ensure maximum retention of the adsorbed charge. However, they’ve made the device compact too to ensure that it is ultra-portable. The dimensions of this power bank are 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches and it weighs 449 grams. The manufacturer claims that this power bank would give you over 500 cycles of recharge and would maintain its performance even after 24 months. The smart chip in the EC Technology Power bank incorporates an auto-detect technology that automatically charges your devices even when it is incorrectly inserted. The device has 4 LED indicators each depicting 25% of charge. The outer case is made of textured high-grade flame-retardant plastic to perfect protection. The power bank is designed to protect your devices from over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit.

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EC Technology Power Bank

Having a capacity of over 22K gives you enough power to light a bright LED. Evidently, this power bank also features a LED Flashlight that has three modes – SOS mode, Highlight mode, and average light mode. This is the perfect power house if you plan a picnic, camp or any outdoor adventure. You may totally forget the need of your smartphone’s charger!

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2. Anker PowerCore+ mini

The Anker PowerCore+ mini power bank comes with a 3350mAh Battery. Weighing just 85 grams and with dimensions of 3.7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches this is one of the most compact power banks that you can carry around. This portable charger comes in five colors to make it look more stylish. It has 1 USB port for output and its PowerIQ detects the device to give you its fastest possible speed of 1 amp. The power bank is very slim and light; which means you will even forget that the lipstick shaped Anker PowerCore+ Mini is in your bag. Anker claims that their unique MultiProtect Safety System keeps the device protected from shorts and surges. Adding to that this portable charger is drop tested and has premium Panasonic cells.

Anker PowerCore+ mini

You want a stylish yet compact power bank? This is the answer for you. You will find this power bank visually appealing and easy to carry. This is for guys who forget to charge your phones and would have your power bank to help you in such situations.

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3. Anker PowerCore Power Bank

The PowerCore Power bank with the capacity of 10000 mAh is another fantastic product from Anker’s wide range of power products. The company boasts that this is the smallest and lightest in the 10000 mAh power banks. This portable charger has PowerIQ integrated to it so that it will give you the charging speed up to 2 amp. The power bank has 1 USB output and it gives you a fast charging for your device. The device has 4 small indicator lights to inform you about the power left in the battery and when to charge. You have to just press the button on the side and the indicator lights will tell you when to charge your power bank.

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Anker PowerCore Power Bank

It is very compact with the dimensions 3.6 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches and very light weighing only 180 grams. The have conducted safety tests for impact, high temperature and vibration. If you want to have a light weight yet powerful portable charger; this product won’t disappoint you.

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4. Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

This Ultra High Capacity power bank from Anker comes with a capacity of 20000mAh. This has two USB output ports giving you the charging speed up to 4.8 Amp (up to 2.4 amps per port). The PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to give fast charging for your device. Do not get confused by these words. PowerIQ is the technology used to detect the connected device and ensure a safe and fast charge especially for the connected device. VoltageBoost is the technology which intelligently identifies the cable resistance and fine-tunes the current accordingly to give most steady and fast charge for your device. The device has 4 small LED indicators depicting the percentage of charge left. This power bank can charge an iPhone 6 for seven times with the help of industry leading 4.8 amp output. So you do not have to worry about your smartphone’s battery getting depleted.

Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

The body of the Anker PowerCore 20100 Power bank is made of durable rugged double-layer shell and fire resistant polycarbonate. The dimensions are 6.6 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches and the weight is 355 grams; which means you can easily carry around this device in your backpack or travel bag.

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5. Poweradd Apollo3 8000mAh Power Bank Solar Charger

This 8000mAh power bank from Poweradd named Appollo3 can recharge itself under sunshine. Yes, you heard it right, it could recharge using solar energy for emergency purpose outdoors. This facility of Poweradd Apollo 3 makes it literally the portable charger which can be used when there is no way to recharge your phone, even worse no charge in your power bank. This portable charger is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many more devices. The Poweradd Apollo3 has 2 USB ports for output. USB1 is having a input voltage of DC 5V with charging speed up to 1 Amp and is dedicated for cellphones. USB2 is dedicated for tablets and has a charging speed up to 2.1 Amp. This 160 grams portable charger measures just 5.5 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches. Apollo3 comes with a LED flashlight which can be used as a torch. Poweradd claims that Apollo3 can give you 500+ charge cycles in its life span.

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Poweradd Apollo3

When I checked out this device I found that they provide a wrist strap too to help prevent dropping or just to hang it from your back pack or travel bag. This is a great power bank to have if you travel a lot and the solar panel gives an added advantage. A thumbs-up for harnessing the solar power!

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6. Anker Astro E7 Ultra-High Capacity 26800mAh 3-Port 4A Compact Portable Charger

This portable charger comes with a massive 26800mAh battery that can charge your iPhone 6 ten times. With premium LG battery cells and cutting-edge circuitry Anker’s Astro E7 gives you superior quality. It has 3 USB outlets which can be charged as fast as 3 amp. If you have connected more than one device the Astro E7 can give you the speed of 4 amp overall. Like the other Anker power product this also comes with the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies to deliver you the fastest and sturdy charging eliminating the risk of over-heating or over-charging. The PowerIQ technology detects the device connected to the port and sets the charging current according to the maximum rate your device can handle. With the rugged drop tested shell it gets rid of the fear of dropping.

Anker Astro E7

Last not the least, it brings the provision of LED flash light as an additional feature. This power bank weighs slightly over a pound. Considering the huge capacity, this is quite compact.

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For our power hungry smartphones, the power banks are indeed a great relief. Just make sure that you recharge the power bank as required and you are going to have a friend in need. All the delightful features of your smartphone would be of no use without power. To ensure that you never run out of ‘power’, get a power bank now!